Small bites, big milestones Say goodbye to the days of food flinging and hello to delightful dinner times with Pippeta’s Wonderful Weaning Range.  This collection is designed by parents, and innovatively created to produce the ultimate sidekick in the battle against mealtime madness. The sturdy super-suction plates and easy-to-grip cutlery, ensures your little one’s food isn’t going anywhere but their hungry mouths!

Backed by Mini First Aid (and sold by its franchises), Pippeta’s weaning range is designed with safety in mind. Crafted from premium food-grade silicone that goes through strict testing methods, Pippeta ensures every bite taken is both safe and satisfying for your little one. Available in a range of stylish, neutral colourways, the food isn’t the only tasteful treat when it comes to this collection.

What’s more, Pippeta is offering a range of fantastic discounts off their weaning products to celebrate this year’s Weaning Week (13th-17th May 2024).

Power-Packed Bundles

When armed with Pippeta’s Ultimate Weaning Set and Pippeta’s My 1st Weaning Set , you’ll be equipped to turn every messy mealtime into a fun-filled feast.

These two gorgeous box sets are jam packed with everything you need to kickstart your baby’s weaning journey with a bang!

 A Dynamic Duo

Pippeta has got your back on your weaning journey. Designed with tiny hands in mind and backed by the baby and child first aid company, Mini First Aid, Pippeta’s My 1st Spoon + Fork is the perfect tool to empower your baby on their self-feeding journey. The easy-to-hold handles and unique choke guard encourage safe, independent feeding, gives you the confidence to let your little ones take the reins.

Sturdy, Strong and Stable

Pippeta’s Silicone Suction Plates are perfect for little ones who think mealtimes = playtime! The super strong suction base keeps this plate secured to the table, meaning food goes straight to their mouth and not to the floor or walls! Plus, the sturdy, premium food grade silicone, means you can load up each section with different tastes and textures and the plate will not lose its shape.