Summer is finally here, so now is the perfect time to get the whole family out on two wheels. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a healthier and stress-free way to commute, or just trying to get the teenagers out the house, cycling is ideal for everyone.

If you or your family are new to cycling, or you’re returning to the road for the first time in a while, then an electric bike could be a great place to get started.

So, what is an electric bike?

Electric bikes are just like any other bike except they are power assisted. Yes, you still have to pedal and as the pedals are turned the power kicks in to help you. A torque sensor is built in and picks up how much pressure or effort you are putting in and distributes the power or assistance accordingly.

Electric bikes are not just a great way to get around, as renowned bike manufacturer Raleigh explains, they are packed with other benefits you can enjoy every day too…

1. Great for health and fitness

Power assistance doesn’t mean cheating. In fact, electric bikes help you go further and see more during your ride. You can take on those big inclines and other challenges that would have previously been too difficult. There’s no denying that electric bikes do require less effort compared to traditional bikes and that’s great If you’re building up your fitness.

However, in terms of health and fitness, electric bikes help you cycle for longer and enjoy a prolonged period of exercise.

2. Get back in the saddle

If you’re returning to exercise after a sustained period out of action, because of an injury for example, an electric bike is a great place to start cycling again. The assistance an electric bike offers ensures you are putting less strain on your body while still getting the exercise your injury requires.

Maybe you haven’t biked at all for a while and you’re lacking in confidence? An electric bike is a great way to regain your confidence on two wheels. You can concentrate less on speed and power and more on your surroundings and the joy of getting back in the saddle.

3. Commuting? No sweat!

Let’s face it, no one enjoys sitting in traffic on their commute to work but arriving at your destination hot and sweaty after cycling isn’t always the best option either. Electric bikes allow you to travel as efficiently as a normal bike without the normal strain. You can travel great distances with less effort and not need a shower when you arrive at work. Plus, you’ll also get exercise before work and save money on train tickets and petrol too.

4. Safe on the road, safe for the environment

Riding on the road can be daunting. Road awareness comes from experience and concentration, so wouldn’t it be great to have one less thing to worry about when you’re out on your bike?  Electric bikes make it easy to maintain a constant speed, you won’t slow down as much on hills and that means less wobbly moments.

Using a bike is also the eco-friendliest form of transport and because an electric bike is less strain on your body and more versatile than a regular bicycle, you’re more likely to regularly take to the saddle.

Isn’t it time you went electric?

If you’re looking for an efficient, healthy and less strenuous way to get around, then an electric bike should be top of your wish list. It doesn’t matter if you’re returning to biking, or want a new hobby, electric bikes are great for leisure, transport and everything in between. Take the strain off yourself and discover the love of biking and exploring.