ageLOC® Transformation

Show mum how much you love her this Christmas (and the rest of the year!) with ageLOC™ Transformation. Prepare yourself for a truly transformational experience.

Featuring a powerful line up of four products, ageLOC™ Transformation is our most advanced anti-ageing system ever, delivering unsurpassed anti-ageing benefits.
This complete and comprehensive skin care system cleanses, purifies, renews, moisturises and reveals younger looking skin in eight ways – for a more youthful and healthier looking you, now and in the future.

This package is presented in a luxurious white box.

ageLOC® targets the ultimate sources of ageing to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of ageing.

ageLOC® Transformation delivers unsurpassed anti-ageing benefits and is clinically proven to improve skin in eight significant ways:

v     Promote youthful skin structure – patent-pending ingredient technology stimulates collagen production and reduces MMP3 (Matrix Metallopeptidase) production (MMP3s destroy skin structure).

Smooth texture – contains ingredients proven to stimulate youthful cell renewal for smoother, softer skin you can feel.

Even skin tone – by reducing the appearance of blotchy, dull and uneven skin for a smooth, youthful look.

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Increase skin radiance – with skin brightening technology.

Reduce the appearance of pores – through youthful cell turnover.

v     Reduce discolouration – brightening technology interrupts unwanted melanin production in the skin for a reduction in spots of discolouration.

v     Increase hydration – by stimulating hyaluronic acid, a moisturising compound found naturally in the skin.

Morning Regimen
Step 1: ageLOC® Gentle Cleanse & Tone
Step 2: ageLOC® Future Serum*
Step 3: ageLOC® Radiant Day SPF 22

Evening Regimen
Step 1: ageLOC® Gentle Cleanse & Tone
Step 2: ageLOC® Future Serum*
Step 3: ageLOC® Transforming Night

*Additional treatment products may be added to this system.



v      ageLOC® – proprietary Nu Skin® technology that targets arSuperMarkers, the ultimate sources of ageing.

v      Pea extract, bamboo extract and glucosamine – a powerful anti-ageing ingredient blend that has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase cellular turnover, resulting in visually youthful skin.

v      Hyaluronic acid – a moisturising compound found naturally in the skin, selected for its capacity to bind and hold moisture to the skin.

v      Equol – helps the skin behave more like young skin. In vitroresearch shows that this patent-pending ingredient creates more youthful skin for improved skin structure and reduces the production of damaging enzymes like MMP3, which destroy skin structure. This ingredient also improves cell renewal giving the skin a more youthful resilience, glow and smoothness.  Price: £ 318.60

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