SpeakersFlare Christmas Edition 30% off before 29th of Dec 18

Flare Christmas Edition code: SCFLARE2                      Bluetooth Speaker (30% off, £48.99) valid until 29 Dec 18

Lots of parties going on, so we tried out this wireless speaker unit that can sit central to a party. 

Anker Soundcore Flare+ Bluetooth Speaker with Strong 360° All Round Sound Fantastic Bass Mood LED Light IPX7 Waterproof 20 Hours Playtime for Parties is the way it is announced on Amazon.

It boasts lots of technical details about bass and tweeters, and jargon for speakers.  Simply, it gives excellent clear sound to all around the room. Older people made jokes about dancing around handbags. They drew curious looks from youngsters just enjoying their music.  It has a powerful base sound, with a boost button, for that thumping beat, and has room filling, excellent clarity. You can time the lightshow with the beat. A Soundcore App gives greater opportunities to synch with the sounds, and definitely drew and interest, and easy to use.

The Main thing is THE SOUND!  We did not test the claim for it to be waterproof, but can see its uses, outdoor and poolside, etc. The battery lasted well, with no problems at all. We did not test to exhaution as they claim 20 hours, and even with all the trialling of lights, the battery was fine. We do find Anker products are well engineered.

Portable speakers are popular, especially with younger users and wanting everything from their phones. The miracle of Bluetooth! Some made comments that two would be even better for stereo. It was a hit in performance and quality of sound. We are sure there will be some very happy people at
Christmas and able to show off this present to friends.