Christmas Classics: the best toys for children this year.

As another holiday season looms, parents are preparing for the manufactured madness that will dictate their shopping lists. While this year’s list features items for the increasingly tech savvy children of today, some of the most anticipated Christmas presents for kids in 2012 have been staples on the toy shelves for decades.

A number of the most talked about toys for the 2012 holiday season  belong to massive marketing franchises that use both history and technology to entice a new generation to play with some old favourites.

Web shooting Spiderman is a motorised figure with two web shooters that can take down any villains who cross his path. The character of Spiderman has been entertaining children since 1962 and this toy is anticipated to be a very hot item this Christmas thanks to the success of the revamped film franchise.

Master Moves Mickey, known as M3, features the iconic mouse in his freshest dance gear ready to hit the dance floor. This toy features 15 dance moves and 8 original songs designed to get the whole family up and dancing. From his humble roots in a 1928 animated short film, Mickey Mouse has remained one of the most popular children’s characters for almost a century.

Lego Lord of the Rings is another highly anticipated Christmas favourite for 2012. This year The Battle of Helms Deep takes centre stage as the walled fortress must defend itself from the attacks of the mighty Uruk-hai army. The Lord of the Rings film franchise will continue this Christmas season with the release of The Hobbit, marking 75 years since the novel was first published.

Barbie Train to Trot Tawny rounds out the historical favourites on this year’s Christmas list. With an award-winning horse and a stylish new riding outfit, Barbie shines as an accomplished equestrian. With countless iterations since her debut in 1959, Barbie has proven time and time again that reinvention is the key to lasting popularity.

While there are also a number of technology related gifts for children that are sure to fly off the shelves this holiday season, it’s nice to know that new generations still appreciate the classics.

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