With the price of a family day out at the zoo or theme park easily running into three figures, Treasure Trails are a great alternative for a fun summer experience at a fraction of the cost. Treasure Trails cost £6.99 (plus P&P if required), are suitable for groups of up to five and, compared to the average family trip, represent amazing value for money.

Follow a self-guided Treasure Trail through the winding backstreets and hidden corners of villages, towns and cities around the UK. Crack the clues along the route to unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mystery at the end.

Lasting around two hours, the aim is to solve clues on a circular route of approximately two miles incorporating plaques, signs, statues, monuments, images, engravings or any other unique or eye-catching features. They’re designed to appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure; from young detectives and budding spies to adults who never grew up. There are three Trails to choose from: Treasure Hunt, Spy Mission or Murder Mystery.

There’s also a, rarely-used, SMS ‘Stuck on a Clue’ helpline to ensure no Trail ever goes unsolved and there’s even a chance to win £100 if you enter the answer to your Trail online where you can also download free certificates.

Most of the Trails are also close to cafes, shops and restaurants so you can take your time solving the clues and enjoy food and drink breaks en route, or why not bring a picnic and make it into a real family adventure? Around 85 per cent of the Trails are walking versions but there are also cycling and driving Trails available as well. A brand new braille Trail – believed to be the first in the UK – was also recently launched in Stockport.

There are more than 1,200 themed treasure hunts to choose from across the country with enticing titles including; ‘Whitby – Curse of the Vampire’, ‘Lion Hunting in Stoke Newington’, ‘The Lost Bells of Aberdovey’, ‘Pendle Witches’ and ‘The Tipton Slasher’.

www.treasuretrails.co.uk for details and to download the Trails.