Box of Shocks

Halloween fun. This Box of Shocks for 8 years up (£19.99) is guaranteed to make you Scream & Gasp in horror!  A magic must have for tricksters children of all ages. Everyone of these clever gags is cunningly designed to take your victim entirely by surprise. shocks

Not for the faint-hearted the gruesome Finger Breaker trick, where you appear to savagely twist your finger backwards making a horrendous ‘click’.  Then there’s the riveting Pen Through Hand trick. A sure fire winner in the magic shocker stakes!

Mealtimes with unsuspecting friends and family will never be the same again with the devious fake Ketchup Bottle to hand.  Get the preparation right… then watch their horror as you ‘squirt’ it straight onto their at hair or clean clothes!  The hilarious Magic Glass lets you pour water into a cup and then toss it over your victim – without them actually getting wet!  Spider Box will get them every time!

The Can of Shocks is another sure fire winner.  Along with  Squirting Chewing Gum, Fake Egg, Small Hand, World’s Deadliest Creatures, Vanishing Ink and a Body Parts Bo Simple but effective tricks have excellent, well-illustrated instructions. Practice performing the trick for best reaction.



A collection of astonishing activities magic and tremendous tricks for the younger ones. A compilation of magical introductory box of simple tricks and illusions. GEE WHIZZ (£19.99) complete with clear, comprehensive, pictorial instructions.  From magically ‘growing’ a flower from the end of a magic wand and looking through a pair of astounding rainbow glasses. Create some truly awesome visual effects with which to stun themselves and their friends! Children will be intrigued, curious  and entranced for hours with a host of new challenges.  Wondering, “How do you do that?”




This will turn you green with envy – and  disgust. If you want magic with attitude, magic that’s not only cool, but a little bit rude, then seek out the brilliant GROSS MAGIC. This unique Number One Best Selling  magic set – for age 8 to adult, (£19.99).  It features loads of truly revolting magic tricks for you to perform.


Conjuring feats that are guaranteed to produce groans of nausea from your victims – sorry, audience! Old-fashioned conjurors can keep their rabbits and red silk handkerchiefs – these tricks use a somewhat different class of prop:  snot, slime, veins, cockroaches, a squidgy brain, and even – wait for it… a toilet full of poo.   Don’t you just know these tricks are going to go down a storm at the family dinner table. As you ought to have guessed by now, these tricks are definitely not for the squeamish, or anybody who’s scared of creepy crawlies.  With cockroach, spectacular Exploding eyeball, blood & enormous green bogie you’ll defiantly need a strong stomach and might not be suitable for all the family!

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