Have a wordtastic Christmas with games from Bananagrams

– five family favourites to banish Boxing Day boredom –

Make sure you’re not stuck for words when the family come to visit this Christmas – treat your loved ones to an award-winning game from Bananagrams! There’s a word-themed family-friendly game to suit every age, from the preschooler who’s just starting to recognise letters through to competitive grandparents who already have a way with words:


BANANAGRAMS® (RRP £14.99) – a fast and fun anagram game that drives players bananas! Requiring no pencil, paper or board, Bananagrams comes in a small portable banana-shaped pouch and is perfect fun for kids from 7 – 107 years-old, at home or on the go. Created by a word game-obsessed family of three generations, Bananagrams is a labour of love that that has quickly become an international phenomenon and has scooped an array of awards, including a Gold Medal for best educational toy in Toy ShopUK’s 2012 Independent Toy Awards (voted for by independent toy stores throughout theUK).


FRUITOMINOES® (RRP £14.99) for players aged 5+, Fruitominoes features 28 beautifully crafted fruit-emblazoned dominoes in a compact pouch. It’s a fresh, fruity and colourful twist to the classic game of dominoes.


ZIP-IT® (RRP £14.99)the perfect gift for the jet-setter in your life, Zip-It is a two-player crossword race that can be played anytime, anywhere in as little as 20 seconds. For players aged seven and up, Zip-It features 24 high-quality letter cubes packaged in a unique cloth pouch with scoring zippers. The ability to play compactly on an airplane or train tray make Zip-It the ultimate travel game.


APPLETTERS (RRP: £15.99) is a word construction game for age 5+ with multiple levels of play where players work together to create “word worms”. The game comes in a portable apple-shaped cloth pouch containing 110 letter tiles. Appletters is the core of fun and learning that develops spelling skills, enhances strategic thinking, encourages cooperation, promotes turn-taking and improves concentration.


PAIRSinPEARS (RRP: £15.99) is a word construction game for age 3+ where players work to match patterns and pair words. The game comes in a pear-shaped cloth pouch, containing four full alphabet sets in four different suits. From activities and game play instructions for Pre-, Beginning and Advanced Readers, PAIRSinPEARS teaches the alphabet; enhances spelling skills; fosters problem solving; builds early reading skills; and improves critical thinking.


And if you want to do things on an even BIGGER scale this Christmas, why not try out the brand new Jumbo Bananagrams and Jumbo Zip-It?! These supersized versions of the popular word games have just launched and are ideal for word-play on a large scale. What’s more, both games remain entirely portable, meaning you can take them along to liven up yuletide family visiting duties (RRP £44.99 each).


All games in the Bananagrams range are available to buy online at Amazon and Play, as well as on the High Street at independent toy and book stores as well as John Lewis, WH Smith, Waterstones, The Entertainer, Tesco and Waitrose. Visit www.bananagrams.com for more information.


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