Ever since I retired, I’ve had a lot more time to spend with my grandchildren. Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the energy that I used to and running around after the little ones all day can be tiring. That’s why I needed to find ways to take breaks throughout the day while still having  something to do that the children would love.

That’s when I turned to music. It’s something that my entire family loves, so I thought right away that sharing music with my grandkids would be a fun way to hang out and bond.

Music Traditions for Grandparents & Grandchildren

I initially took to Google to see if I could find any relaxing, fun things or traditions perfect for grandparents who want to spend quality time with their grandchildren. I came across hordes of advice columns that suggested games like musical chairs and dancing to the Shark Song. My grandkids enjoyed these activities, but I could tell when they started to get a bit bored. Then I found an article that recommended a game where the children have to draw what the song means to them and – oh, wow – was this a hit. The kids loved getting a chance to be creative while also singing along to songs with grandma.

Best Kid-Friendly Radio Stations

Commuting in the car is one of those things that I entirely forgot about (as a grandparent) but that comes back to bite you when you do a significant amount of babysitting. It’s really easy for the kiddos to grow bored in the car, so I’m always looking for a way to keep them entertained and not asking “are we there yet?” the entire trip. By discovering kid friendly radio stations designed with children in mind, I’m able to enjoy music alongside my grandkids.

With free channels similar to Kidz Bop and the children’s BBC radio, We can sing along to tons of age-appropriate music (no need to worry about swear words or inappropriate content). I also have access to online streaming, perfect for sharing some of my favourite songs with them and vice versa. We’re constantly learning from one another now – it’s great!

Good Songs for Preschool-Aged Kids

My youngest grandchild is preschool age, so it’s important for me that all of the songs we listen to are also appropriate for him. While I was searching for music and musical activities appropriate for the 3 to 5 years old age range, I actually discovered a list of music sources that helped me narrow down the scope of my search quite a bit. I think it will help you out as well!

Best Apps to Have Music Fun with Grandchildren

Alongside simply listening to songs for preschoolers, I was also able to come across a variety of music themed activities for preschoolers as well (which even my older grandchildren enjoyed doing). These activities allow my grandkids to express themselves through movement and dance – providing the perfect opportunity for them to get some energy out – while giving me a minute to rest while still cheering on my kiddos.


Hanging out and babysitting my grandkids has been a total success now that I have a way to achieve some downtime for myself while still keeping the grandchildren active and entertained. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love of music with the little ones and I really think they’re starting to build a strong appreciation for it as well. I’m shocked that all it took to get there was passion and a smidge of research online. I’m so grateful I did that.