I damaged my left ear as a teenager. I emphasise to everyone, especially my children, to always protect their ears from loud Loop ear plugsnoises. Now they can do it, with Loop ear plugs,  fashionably too!

There are two types of Loop Ear Plugs:

  1. The Loop Quiet is designed from soft, flexible silicone offering 30db of peace. If you are looking for a deep, restorative night’s sleep, or want to truly hit the mute button,  (at Christmas?) the Loop Quiet is for you.
  2. The Loop Experience is perfect if you don’t want to block the world out, but to offer 20db of protection. You can hear with crystal clarity, but with any high-end noises are softened. The Loop Experience is also perfect for sports enthusiasts, musicians, workmen, motorcyclists and anyone who still needs to hear their environment without hurting their ears.

Loop Experience (-20dB)

Loop Ear plugsLoop Experience is a 20db noise reduction, and  is the first round shaped earplug designed for music. It’s a new approach on earplugs for better sound and looks. Loop has a built-in acoustic channel and filter that provide a 20dB equal sound reduction across all frequencies. Music and speech remain clear, but at a lower volume. There are a few differences between the Quiet (-30dB) and the Experience (-20dB).

Loop Quiet (-30dB)

Loop Quiet is a 30dB noise reduction, and a moulded in a single piece, but still utilizing the different ear-tips to ensure a perfect fit to your ear! It is also constructed from a soft silicone compound which makes it softer and easier to use when sleeping on the side or in long durations.

Both products are washable and reusable, making them far more sustainable than the traditional soft foam products of the past. Each comes with six sets of ear tips.
All products come with a leather carry case.

They also look great!