Mummy blog

Mummy blogging has seen a huge rise in popularity in blogging spheres. Women around the world are documenting their experiences with motherhood, and others are reading about them voraciously, scouring them for tips, tricks and relatable experiences.

Dad Blog

If you’re the man of the house, don’t feel left out – dads are doing it too, with countless successful blogs focusingBlogging on the day-to-day lives of fathers raising children whether on their own or with their partners.

Whether you’re looking to get started yourself or simply curious to know more about this surprisingly lucrative industry, this article explores the concept of so-called mommy blogs and just what makes them so popular.


One of the main reasons this format has become such a hit is the sense of community that many of these bloggers have created around their work. They are relatable to other parents, and whilst many of them share useful hacks and handy savings, they’re also an outlet for writers to share an insight into the less glamourous sides of parenthood – the sleepless nights, the stresses, the struggles of balancing a full-time job alongside their duties.

And whatever your own experience of parenthood, chances are there is a blogger out there who knows exactly how you feel.

Though many of these types of blogs are run by parents who proudly share their family lives online, not all are focused solely on parenthood. Some will address lifestyle, beauty, books, bargain hunting – you name it, there’s a blog for it. This helps them reach niche audiences which further builds their dedicated followings.


As blogging formats evolve, these digital chroniclers are branching out to other platforms.

Sites like Twitter are great for direct interaction with close followings, whilst Instagram is designed for regular visual updates.bloging And as the site’s ‘Story’ features become more engagement-focused, it’s an opportunity for bloggers to really get to know what their audience is looking for.

The integration of multiple platforms transforms the individual behind the blogs into a personality that readers can connect with on a day-to-day basis, meaning mommy blogging has transcended into its own form of influencer culture.

Money making

As with all forms of blogging, mommy blogs have become a money-making opportunity for some of the more successful frontrunners in this field.

BloggingThis doesn’t happen overnight, and it can take years for a single blogger to turn their blog into a source of income. Agencies like Maratopia Digital Marketing can help with essential elements like site design and content creation, aspects which, when successful, will set your blog apart from the rest of this deeply competitive industry.

But as with most labours of love, those who enter it for the money probably won’t get very far. Readers can detect genuine passion, and will look for authenticity from those they follow. Earning from your efforts can be a perk of the job, but the best advice for beginner is to simply enjoy what you’re doing.

Mommy blogging has captured the attention of a widespread audience, and the industry grows more every day. If you think you’ve got what it takes, why not give it a try?