Sweet Dreamers’ new 3 in 1 sleep gadget is a must for young families.

Our reviewing family loved this. Ewan is already a family favourite – for both parents and baby. Our new parents thought the room temp check a real relief from the conversation is baby too hot or cold. The light feature allowed baby checks without waking them up and very soothing for all. And of course anything that helps with sleep training is always going to be a winner to parents.

Sweet Dreamers is thrilled to unveil a brand-new version of its award-winning Misty the Cloud, a product proudly partnered with The Lullaby Trust. The latest model offers a 3 in 1 functionality including a Nursery Room Thermometer, Soothing Night Light Shows and Sleep Trainer in one. It’s truly the cutest multifunctional product, that is sure to cloud any bedtime concerns.

Misty is a room thermometer with character, and the function that stood out the most to The Lullaby Trust. The colour changing system and digital temperature display makes it unbelievably easy to see if the room gets too hot or too cold – helping parents and carers choose the right bedding/tog and clothing. The thermometer also has adjustable brightness meaning that Misty can be used as an ambient nightlight which is also handy for night-time nappy changes and feeds, facilitating a peaceful and sound night’s sleep.

Little ones especially will love Misty’s softly changing light shows that uses colour therapy to gently settle babies or toddlers. Parents can choose between Soothing Sunset, a gentle fusion of calming reds, yellows and ambers; or Northern Lights creating an enchanting mixture of dream inducing colours to mesmerise little ones into a peaceful slumber.

A clever sleep training function makes Misty the gadget that keeps on giving! Encouraging little ones to adopt a healthy bedtime routine, the colour changing cloud display clearly communicates to young snoozers when it is time to sleep and wake up. Amber for sleepy time, which gently changes to green to signify wake up time. It’s so simple for little ones to understand and also helps to give parents that extra bit of well-deserved sleep.

Misty the Cloud 3 in 1 night light will help create a comforting bedtime and soothing environment. Using the sleep trainer mode parents can even adjust the sleep/wake up times in the week running up to British Summer Time to help minimise any disruption that the hour difference can so easily cause young families.

Talking about the new product, Lynda Harding, mum of six and Founder of SweetDreamers said:

“We just love our super cute cloud and are thrilled to have created a 3 in 1 version that boasts a trio of sleep-inducing features for the whole family, at an affordable price. Perfect from birth and beyond, Misty truly stands the test of time supporting with a room thermometer and light shows from day one to ensure baby is both safe and comforted, while the sleep trainer will be a hit as little ones grow.”

RPR: £34.99 Stockist: https://sweetdreamers.co.uk