Primigi are always thinking of new ways for their super designs to be safer, more comfortable and healthier.

They have collaborated with top manufactures and household names.  Their 2020 season has a range called PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4. Thinking outside the box, Primigi have combined their 40 years of making shoes for children with the world’s largest manufacturer of tyres!

Michelin may have initially got their know-how from the car industry but now also produce natural rubber soles for your children’s shoes!

This has resulted in a exclusively designed new line of children’s sports shoes called Primigi #Black Lab Running 4X4. As winter ensues this range will come into its own with perfect grip on the ground, even on the slippery of surfaces.

With Michelin experience in the needs of tyres for winter, these rubber soles will give guaranteed traction. So even in the coldest rain, snow and ice your children’s shoes can have the perfect grip.

The new sole is made with a double compound that mixes soft, light and cushioning materials for comfort and flexibility. The new PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4, has dynamic and sporty look, producing style and performance.

Theses soles also have protection against small impacts, ground roughness and have heat insulation.

Watch this space for our Primigi Shoe Competition coming soon. Get 4 chances to win a pair of Primigi shoes for your child.