Anker Roav Viva car charger
Roav Viva handsfree dual charger with Alexa
Roav Viva handsfree dual charger with Alexa

Not all cars have Bluetooth handsfree for your phone and you MUST NOT use your phone while driving. Roav VIVA solves that, and gives so much more with this car charger! Available at Amazon

Amazon‘s voice service Alexa:”Get directions, play music, get a flash briefing of your day, shop online, and more. Just ask Alexa.”

Another great Anker product. It’s a car charger (two of them and quick too) but with Alexa to chat to for the information you want and get your handsfree needs. This all helps towards safe driving, and the music and communication you want. It’s compatible with most phones, Apple or Android, and fun too for those journeys, especially as Alexa is adding things all the time. Just one touch to mute it too.

We tried it out, getting directions, on-line shopping just by asking. Lots of music to suit too. We tried to outsmart it with questions, (are we there, yet?) but Alexa did well. It was a very quick set up. Many cars have slow chargers, for phones, but this was was excellent, powering up the phone battery surprisingly quickly.

A nice present for Christmas!