This is a super strength vitamin drink packed with plant extracts. It’s a new functional soft drink from Gusto Organic, which blend fruit juices, plant extracts and high strength vitamins to create a delicious lightly sparkling drink to support your immune system.  Free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives and suitable for vegans each drink is over 33% fruit juice yet under 60 calories a can. This is a tasty treat for both parents and children in these trying times.

We are all interested in being healthy and this is a perfect drink for not only the health conscious but also families.  The contented will help your immune system See medical journal  and NHS 

Currently Super DC is available in two delicious flavours: Super DC Blood Orange, and Super DC Blackcurrant and Elderberry. Both are packed with anthocyanins (Found naturally in a number of foods) that fight free radicals.

Super DC Blood Orange blends Sicilian blood orange juice with white grape to deliver a zingy burst of citrus.  The Blood Oranges are sourced direct from a farm on the foothills of Mount Etna.

Super DC Blackcurrant and Elderberry delivers dark complex notes of elderberry alongside fresh tart blackcurrant juice Plus, a generous glug of apple juice to sweeten, which has a naturally low glycemic index and whilst keeping calories down.

Both are bursting with vitamins with 2 grams of vitamin C. Plus, 200% RI of vitamin D, from a vegan source.  It’s a little-known fact that much of the vitamin D for sale comes from diverse animal sources such as lambs’ wool, krill or cod liver oil.  Super DC also has 100% of your RI of vitamin K and Folic acid and 50% your RI of zinc and vitamin A. In other words, Super DC delivers a mega dose of immune supporting vitamins and minerals.

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