Vegas can be an exciting place for adults to take a holiday, but what about children? Is it a place that offers activities appropriate for children? The short answer is a resounding yes. Vegas has definitely evolved from its former casino dominated city into a noteworthy family vacation spot. Many of the casino resorts offer activities for the parents while including others that the children will find entertaining.

The Mirage, located on the Vegas Strip, is the home to Siegfried & Roy’s “Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat”. This exhibit provides children with the opportunity to safely view some exotic animals of the world including white lions, panthers, leopards, white tigers and bottlenose dolphins. The MGM Grand is another casino resort that offers fun family activities. The Grand Arena is the site of many entertaining acts including music concerts. Among the shows hosted here is the fascinating magician, David Copperfield, whose show will amaze your family. The Grand Pool Complex is also a favourite for families to relax while in the bustling city.

 A fun and unique place to visit while in Vegas is Ethel M. Chocolates. Established in 1980, this chocolate factory boasts preservative free chocolate. When visiting the factory, the Botanical Cactus Garden is right next door and has one of the largest cacti displays in the state. The Adventuredome Theme Park is another option for family entertainment. Wildly popular, the amusement park accommodates the full spectrum of children’s age with rides fitting them. The world’s largest indoor double loop roller coaster can be found here at the Adventuredome. While visiting Vegas with the family may make it difficult to enjoy casino gambling such as slots, there are some other options. Hotels provide Wi-Fi access which makes it easy to enjoy online gaming if you’r on child duty and don’t have a chance to make it downstairs to the games room.

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