Great stuff for children with special needs, but without special needs prices – and every penny of profit goes back into the parent charity, Tree of Hope, that helps sick children in the UK  – which makes Blossom a win-win for everybody. Children get funky stuff.  Parents save money. And the profits go straight to other sick children who really need help.


The award winning Bilibo arouses curiosity, engages the imagination and playfully fosters children’s motor skills, core strength and balance.   Rock and spin in it, hide under it, sit on it, carry things with it and peek through it – hours of fun, indoors and outdoors all year round.  It also makes a great present for a child with special needs.  Virtually indestructible, Bilibo is available in blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple £19.99 and is suitable for 2-7 year olds.  See it action

Rock My Baby Rocking Bear

Gorgeously soft and cosy, this quality rocking bear provides plenty of support for your little one to sit in and rock gently to and fro.  Ideal for small children who need support to sit up, and who will benefit from the development of core strength and gross motor skills from rocking independently.  The softly padded seat has a safety belt and there are wooden handles for little hands to grip on to and a solid wood rocker.  Suitable from 9 months plus, £79.99

Wheelchair and Tripod Pets

A matching pair of soft, cuddly toys with stretchy bodies to fit over children’s wheelchair armrests or tripod handles, making them strokeable and fun companions when out and about.  Choose from loveable spotty Dalmations, purple Hippos, cheeky Monkeys or yellow Ducks, £34.99.  Quite frankly every child’s wheelchair should have some!  See them in action

Wheelchair Gloves

Children’s gloves that are comfortable, functional and incredibly cool, whilst also helping to protect vulnerable little hands on wheelchair rims.  They have padded grips on the palms and Velcro straps to keep them secure on even the smallest of hands.  Machine washable, sizes 2-7 years old, £7.99 and available in Union Jack, Flower Power, Red Dotty, Pastel Dotty and Red Tyre designs.   See them in action




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