Head Above Water

British Designer, Steuart Padwick has created the 9-metre high interactive, ‘Head Above Water’ interactive sculpture on London’s South Bank Head Above Water involved over 30 organisations, ranging from King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry to global structural engineers Ramboll and lighting experts Hoare Lea. The 9-metre interactive, illuminated head challenges attitudes and stimulates perception and understanding around UK mental health.

Launching today on World Mental Health Day (10th Oct), is this highly poignant UK short film supporting mental health awareness https://vimeo.com/290775070 #HeadAboveWaterLondon @hawLDN     From the 10th, this evocative film will be shown in independent cinemas across the UK.

The ‘Head’ is deliberately gender, ethnicity and age neutral and stands as a symbol of hope, bravery, compassion, positivity and change, for those who have come through or are still confronting mental health issues, and the people who support them.

Mental Health First Aid

This year’s theme is young people and mental health in a changing world and to mark the occasion Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England is launching a brand new set of free to -access resources, designed to support young people aged 8 to 24.

The #HandsUp4HealthyMinds toolkit has been developed to empower anyone in contact with young people, including teachers, tutors and parents/carers, to better understand youth mental health and offer support. It includes guidance on self-care, stress and talking tips and further resources to support young people’s mental health

MHFA England is able to offer case studies and comment from youth mental health experts, young people and school and higher education staff from across its network. Feature ideas include top tips on how to support young people and insights on the biggest issues facing young people’s mental health today. #HandsUp4HealthyMinds

The Secret Parent

A ground-breaking book which reveals the hidden truths of life, parenting and childhood through the eyes of a kid’s life coach is published today.

In The Secret Parent author, Zelna Lauwrens, presents a sweeping action plan for achieving the best from children and for harnessing their full potential so that they can grow up strong and resilient and able to break the cycles of potential mental health problems. This all starts with laying a foundation for making healthy lifestyle choices at a young age. WWW.SECRETPARENT.COM

Children’s mental health among parents’ biggest worries

Children’s mental health is among the greatest concerns for parents, on par with physical health and academic performance, according to new findings from Bupa. The research, conducted among parents of 4-18 year olds reveals the only other concern that ranks higher is future financial prospects.

The vast majority of parents believe that there is greater awareness of children’s mental health than when they were growing up, and seven in 10 (70%) talk to their own child about their emotional health and wellbeing more than their own parents did.

This World Mental Health Day, the theme is children’s mental health, and Bupa has created a guide to help parents to start a conversation about mental health and resilience with their children. For a child struggling with poor mental health an early diagnosis and fast access to support can help aid their recovery and the long term management of their condition.

The research also indicates that it benefits the whole family. The majority (80%) of parents that have children who have started treatment believe that it has improved their home life.