Vital Baby NURTURE flexcone™ electric breast pump RRP £99.99

The NURTURE flexcone™ electric breast pump ensures that you can offer all the benefits of breast milk to your baby, even when you are not together. It has a super-soft silicone breast cup which provides gentle cushioning around the breast. This allows the pump to mimic the suckling action of baby giving a natural feeling and effective breast milk expression. It works by massaging and squeezing the breast using 2-phase expression – a comfortable way of promoting milk production and flow. The two phases have nine different speed settings for ultimate control, meaning that you can tailor the experience without compromising on comfort.

Vital Baby NURTURE advanced pro UV steriliser & dryer RRP £129.99

Using the latest UV LED technology, Vital Baby NURTURE advanced pro UV steriliser & dryer is proven to be an effective way to kill 99.99% of bacteria, mould and viruses without the use of chemicals, water, or heat. In just seven minutes, you can sterilise just about anything that will fit. It is suitable for use for a variety of items including bottles, teats, soothers, toys and breast pumps to small accessories, mobile phones, keys, cosmetic brushes and more.

Vital Baby NURTURE breast like feeding bottles RRP from £11.49

Whether you want to bottle feed or to combine both bottle and breast feeding, the NURTURE breast like feeding bottles are a natural choice for both mother and baby. Expertly designed to mimic your breast, the teat feels and flexes like in breastfeeding. It is designed in the image of the natural shape of a nipple whilst baby feeds. They also have an easy latch teat and an advanced triple anti-colic valve to reduce air intake to prevent uncomfortable little tummies. Plus, the wide bottle necks make them easy to clean and the silicone is soft and smooth against baby’s delicate face.

NURTURE advanced pro UV mini steriliser RRP £24.99

A mini version of the brand’s award-winning and best-selling NURTURE advanced pro UV steriliser & dryer, this pocket-sized device can be strapped to a pushchair or bag and will kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and mould in just 49 seconds. Using the latest UV technology, it uses no water, no chemicals, and no heat and it super versatile for use on-the-go. You can sterilise almost anything that fits, from soothers, teethers and teats to cosmetic items, retainers and jewellery! It takes just 50 minutes to fully charge and will then work for 130 sterilising cycles before it needs recharging. It is also energy efficient, with long-lasting UV LEDs.