Bathtime Buddies, have over 25 years of experience, their range of exciting products make bath time fun and educational. We know that bath time is a great routine for babies, so these buddies make sure both of you really look forward to it! With lots of fantastic products to choose from, from Bath Crayons to Soapy Foam there’s something for everyone!

Bathtime Buddies have some exciting new products joining their comprehensive range include;

  • The brightly coloured Bathtime Fun Stacking Cups (RRP £3.50) encourage imagination and creativity through splashing, pouring and stacking.
  • Little ones can get clean as they play with Mouldable Bath Soaps (RRP £1.75), squidgeable and shapeable soaps designed to aid interactive fun.
  • The Bathtime Buddies® Bath & Shower Wash (RRP £2) is fantastic for families. It’s designed for convenience in a large one litre format, with an easy to use pump dispenser. The wash is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and designed to be mild and gentle on young skin, a great option for the mid-week wash routine.
  • Toothbrush Duo (RRP £1) A regular teeth cleaning routine is essential for good dental health. The Bathtime Buddies toothbrush has an easy grip handle and soft bristles, perfect for those little hands and mouths.
  • Super soft facecloth friends (RRP £2)  Wash all over with your Super Soft Facecloth Friend. For added bathtime fun, see if you can float your friend on the water’s surface!

See the full range All new products are available in from Asda, Sainsbury’s, Wilko, Waitrose and Tesco now!