Professor Gareth Morgan is Medical Director and Consultant Paediatrician at The Children’s Trust, a charity that provides specialist rehabilitation to children with acquired brain injury. He said:

 “The key issue for us is concussion not being taken seriously enough. It’s critical that any blow to the head be taken seriously, as it can cause substantial difficulties or impairments that can last a lifetime. A child doesn’t have to experience a loss of consciousness for them to have had a concussion. They may remain conscious, but feel dazed.

“Through our work supporting hundreds of children in hospitals and in the community, we see the long-term effects of a brain injury and the difference that early intervention and support can make.

“Parents, children and schools should be aware of the risks of head injury, especially with contact sports. Should an injury occur, it’s important to know what to look out for and what to do next, learning the guidelines to concussion are as crucial as learning the rules of the game. These guidelines can be found on The Children’s Trust Brain Injury Hub