Inspired by the London Marathon?

Keep You In The Running The Herculean efforts demonstrated by the thousands of participants who will take part in this year’s London Marathon, will inspire many people to take up running, either for fitness or for fun.  Whatever the motivation, adequate preparation is essential and muscles undergoing such a challenging training regime need some extra care. Natural Hero’s Hot Ginger Muscle Rub and Cool Peppermint Spritz are on hand to help combat muscle fatigue and condition the skin after gruelling workouts.

Ready to warm up?

Massage Hot Ginger Muscle Rub into muscles to help warm up before and after your run, to help with your post training recovery. Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub (£9.99 for 100ml) helps ease fatigued muscles with its blend of premium grade ginger Root, Rosemary, Borage and Sweet Fennel essential oils. The 98%* natural warming and soothing cream not only helps combat muscle fatigue but the easily absorbed pH balanced formula also conditions your skin and smells incredible.

Feeling ‘the burn’? Then it’s time to ‘Freeze & Ease’ with Natural Hero Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz. Use the dual effect 99% natural* Sports Spray before or during a training session to revive and feel energized. The botanical blend of peppermint, white willow, arnica, witch hazel and blue chamomile delivers a cool blast on the surface of the skin followed by a light warmth. Black oat seed extract in the pH-balanced formula also conditions your skin.

Isn’t it time to relax and recharge? Then let’s tackle muscle fatigue one bath at a time. Hot Ginger Muscle Soak’s 100% natural* bubble-free, feel-good formula recharges and relaxes you. The unique blend of premium grade Ginger Root, Rosemary, and Sweet Fennel essential oils enables you to massage your aching limbs in the bath. Nourishing sweet almond and starflower essential oils also condition your skin.

Natural Hero founder Louise Vincent says: “Our Natural Hero products are used by professional sports people as well as those who enjoy sport for the love of it. Starting a new sport is always exciting and it’s easy to get carried away with enthusiasm and not factor in,the importance of recovery time. When delayed onset muscle soreness kicks in, where worked limbs build muscle and feel the need for some TLC, reach for Hot Ginger Muscle Rub and Cool Peppermint Muscle Spritz to bring a feel-good boost to your training and recovery ”.

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