A Turtle’s View of the Ocean Blue by Catherine Barr, illustrated by Brendan Kearney This visually stunning guide to the underwater world and how we can best protect it. After campaigning with Greenpeace for several years and researching and writing major exhibitions as Editor at the Natural History Museum, Catherine Barr now writes award-winning nonfiction books that spark questions and conversations about the environment.


Whilst studying architecture at university, Brendan Kearney discovered that drawing pictures for a living was a legitimate and fun career option, and so traded architecture for illustration as quickly as he could. Having now completed his degree in Illustration he specialises in children’s books and artwork. Brendan lives and works by the sea in the Southwest of England with his little dog, Crumble.

Join your sea turtle guide as you navigate every inch of our oceans, from the sunlit surface to the deepest, darkest depths! This beautiful book will help young readers to explore our planet’s five oceans, meeting the creatures who live there and discovering how their incredible underwater habitats work. From kelp forests to mangroves, coral reefs and seagrass meadows, A Turtle’s View of the Ocean Blue educates children on why our oceans matter and what we can do to save them. Written by Catherine Barr, whose experience as a Greenpeace campaigner makes her an expert on the environmental threat to our oceans, this book is the perfect tool to introduce the topic of ecoethics to children. A Turtles View of the Ocean Blue is a fun and imaginative way for children to learn about the oceans of the world, the wildlife that inhabits them and the challenges that they are facing. Suitable for ages 6+. £14.99 Published April 2021

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