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Are you looking for something healthy and inexpensive for the whole family to do this summer? Perhaps you enjoyed our recent post, Top Beaches for Families, but something’s been holding you back?

Whatever your reason for wanting to encourage your kids to swim – be it the desire to keep them busy and active over the holidays or to keep them safe by the water, we’re here with some top swimwear tips to ensure they can’t wait to make a splash!

  • Character costumes make swimwear fun, and let your little ones take their favourite character with them to the seaside – after all, who wouldn’t want to go for a swim with Disney’s Ariel?
  • Grown-up girls and style-conscious boys will love designer swimwear – and it’s the perfect way to indulge in a prestigious label without spending too much. A retailer such as House of Fraser, for example, offers a choice of Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY and Benetton swimwear all in one place, and in styles that are sure to earn them street-cred – or should we say beach-cred?
  • Bright and beautiful swimming costumes and shorts will lift everyone’s mood and give swimming that real holiday feel, even if it’s only at the local pool! Summer florals are fab, while checks look great for him, but if your children are little trend-setters, why not try comic book-style graphics or a mix-and-match-pattered costume?
  • Sunburned skin is no fun at all, and can even be dangerous, so when choosing a swimming costume for your baby, remember that the more coverage, the better. More coverage means less skin is exposed to the sun – which is important as baby’s skin is more delicate than older children’s’ or adults’ skin.

·         All children (and adults!) will benefit from the addition of a wide-brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses. Not only will they give that “I’m famous” look, the hat will give extra sun protection to faces, heads, necks and shoulders, and could help keep sunstroke at bay. Sunglasses should meet EU standards for UV protection to ensure they are effectively stopping the sun damaging children’s eyes.

·         One last tip: No one likes a cold, soggy cossie! Stock up on at least two swimming costumes for your child just in case that after-dinner swim means trunks or bikinis are still wet the next morning. A clean, colourful new costume is a lovely luxury, and it’s the little things that make a holiday after all!