Step up their style with a brand-new shoes like these.

Softness, flexibility, on-trend styling and the unrivalled quality-price ratio are the characteristics that distinguish the Primigi’s Back to School collection.

The array of models is wide, ranging from classic footwear and mary-jane with high and comfortable rubber soles to the trendy sneakers, in shades of black and gray.

All the shoes are comfortable thanks to the rounded toe, to give feet the space needed to move without restrictions, and easy to put on thanks to the velcro closure, the elastic laces and the side zip fastener. Their soles contain an anti-shock system to protect ankles from impact. The metallic parts on the shoes are nickel-free to prevent allergic reactions and the lining is Chromium free, for products that are even more health-conscious and natural.

All Primigi shoes come with removable leather insoles, to ensure total hygiene and comfort.



The feet are the part of the body that perspires more than any other. Do you know why? There are approximately 200 sweat glands per cm². Children perspire more than adults. This is a natural fact that you can learn to manage by following some simple steps.

Once you have removed the shoes, let them dry outside, keeping them away from the direct rays of the sun, which could cause them to fade, and heat sources like blow dryers and radiators, which could cause them to get wrinkled and become stiff. A little bit of newspaper can be useful for reducing the amount of humidity inside the shoes and keeping them in good shape.

Let your child wear at least two pairs of shoes per season, alternating them to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms.

Alternate the arch supports and the practical, removable insoles of the shoes.

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