No Compromises, No Exceptions”


Rolf Nordstrom, Angavallen enthusiastic owner, farmer and hotelier has a great policy, food taste best and is better for you if pigs and cows are happy and their food is healthy.This truly is organic farming at its finest  in southern Sweden. This organic farmer operates with the elements created over thousands of years and works with the flora and fauna in balance with nature.  “For the less we interfere, the better the results tend to be”.  Everything is 100% organic they can guarantee their produce from farm to fork.


Part of their strategy is to use original, naturally resistant plants by using the varieties and species that can live naturally in their climate.  This means native plants such as emmer, spelt and spring-sown rye, hardy, resistant species that can flourish in their soil without chemicals. The same procedure applies to the animals using old Swedish breeds of cows, ‘forest sheep’ and linderod pigs, all of which live exclusively on what their pure soil provides.  The livestock live outside as nature intended and roam freely all year round.  The cows and calves stay together with the humans and calves sharing the cow’s milk, and the pigs can root around in the fields to their hearts’ content this symbiotically helps keep the fields free from thistles!


This slow organic way of farming is much less stressful for the animals and consequentially creates tastier foods. It’s not rocket science to realise that happy well fed animal’s equals quality food.

I wish I could have stayed here longer I was so impressed with Rolfs philosophy and determination. You can stay in the hotel in comfortable self-contain rooms positioned around the herb garden or in the main hotel. And eat in the restaurant which proves his theory of better tasting food and why not take some more food home and shop in the bakery and delicatessen. Thoroughly recommend a stay at Angavallen, English is spoken and try to book a farm tour Tel +46 40 42 32 50,  Ängavallen is 45 minutes from down town Copenhagen.




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