1. OPRO Mouthguard

As the world’s largest manufacturer of the most technically advanced mouthguards in the world and with over 20 years of experience behind their unique anatomical shape, it’s fair to say OPRO know a thing or two about self-fit mouthguards. Catering for all performance levels and with all sorts of colourful designs available, whether it’s hockey, rugby or any other sport for that matter, you’ll be good to go!

Available at From £4.99

  1. Maru Swimsuits

If it’s vibrant, eye-catching swimwear you’re after then look no further than Maru. With a range of styles for girls and boys to fit all ages, their swimwear is suitable for both a fun splash around and more serious, competitive swimming.

Available at From £19.99

  1. Mitre Aircell Carbon Shin Guard

These shin guards are great for either hockey or football. Their Aircell technology keeps legs cooler and drier over 90 minutes and the fixed sock provides extra ankle protection.

Available at RRP £8.90

  1. Maru Ace Mirror Anti Fog Goggles

With their soft silicone gaskets and anti-fog lenses these googles provide exceptional comfort for a great value without skimping out on quality! The split silicone strap makes adjustment easy to help maintain a secure fit. With polycarbonate lenses, they’re also durable which means win, win for mum & dad.

Available at RRP £17.99


  1. Onyx & Green Recycled Newspaper Coloured Pencils

Promoting an eco-friendly way of being creative, these coloured pencils are made out of 100% recycled newspapers. Not only are they good for the environment but they offer a wide range of colours for Art and Geography.

Available at RRP £4.50

  1. Milan Assorted Colours Bubble – 2 in 1 Eraser and Sharpener

Babybell? No. This circular shaped delight is in fact a two in one eraser and sharpener and a great way to brighten up your pencil case. The dome over the eraser keeps it clean ensuring your work remains mark free. Just be sure not to throw it in yourself lunch-box by mistake!

Available at RRP £2.49

  1. Pilot FriXion Erasable Rollerball Pens

These pens are perfect for homework where mistakes are probable. The eraser on the end of the pen makes the ink quite literally vanish from your page through friction-generated heat. Forget the days of Tipp-ex – this pen has no chemicals and is incredibly easy to use!

Available at RRP £2.49

  1. Recycled Save the Rhino Notebook

This A4 notebook has 100% recycled cover and inners meaning you can save the environment while taking note of your best work. Better still, for every notebook sold you’ll be contributing to the great cause that’s charity, Save the Rhino!

Available at RRP £3.89

Hidden Gems

  1. BRITA Fill & Go Active 0.6L Water Bottle

‘Great taste, less waste’. This bottle is perfect for school and sports with its squeezable and soft casing. The filter inside the bottle reduces the impurities that lie in tap water such as chlorine while retaining key minerals. It’ll see you hydrated and ready to tackle the day!

Available at RRP £11.99

  1. Green Steel: XXL Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Save countless numbers of plastic bags by swapping to this environmentally friendly lunch box. Made from eco stainless steel, it’s leakproof, rustproof and dishwasher safe. At generous enough dimensions of 14 cm x 21 cm x 8 cm, there’s plenty of room to pack in that lunch.

Available at RRP £15.86