How about a present that will last all year this Christmas. Gift books are the gift that keeps on giving!


Gardening Contemplationsthe perfect gift for gardeners (Trigger Publishing, £9.99)

A gorgeous hardback book that explores the art of gardening and provides a calm haven where readers can immerse themselves in nature. This beautifully packaged book offers the reader a rare opportunity to slow down and enjoy the natural restorative power of gardening through a selection of beautiful evocative quotes, poems and passages… immersing the reader in a space of contemplative reflection, inspired by the art of floriculture.

A Year of You: A Seasonal Guide to Boosting Your Brilliancea stylish gift for her (Trigger Publishing, £9.99)

This book is a must especially at this time when uncertainty and worries are with us all. A beautifully illustrated self-care book, jam-packed with tiny ways to be kinder to yourself, every week of the year.

Do you feel like you have no time for self-care? A Year of You is designed to help you carve out those crucial seconds in the week to re-centre and take a moment, just for you.

It’s packed with prompts and activities to enable you to take back control of your day and help you get through the year, a goal and a step at a time.

Whether you want a moment of mindfulness or to figure out your feelings, there’s something in here to help you do that. Split into seasons, you can follow the prompts daily or weekly, or simply dip in and out whenever you need a boost – it’s up to you!

Capturing the Motionthe ideal present for wildlife-lovers (Firefly Books, £24.95)

Renowned wildlife photographer Stephen Dalton shares the adventure stories of his life capturing nature in motion. Illustrated with his stunning photographs.

Wildlife Contemplationsa happiness-boosting gift for nature-lovers (Trigger Publishing, £9.99)

A thoughtful and gorgeously designed book that gives readers an opportunity to take time out from their busy lives and reflect on the beauty of the natural world around them.


Superheroes Don’t Get Scared – a gorgeous gift for little heroes (Trigger Publishing, £6.99)

I love the positivity and fun of this book an insightful, funny, rhyming tale which encourages children to face their fears and find their inner superpowers. Illustrated by Claire Elsom.

An important story told in rhyme, it’s action-packed too. Superheroes Don’t Get Scared… Or Do They? For me it’s the “or do they” that’s important here. With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 has left many children feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

This book explains that even the strongest, boldest and bravest hero can sometimes feel afraid, and that’s perfectly fine, there’s superhero in all of us.