Blast through history with this fantastic new family board game A Race in Time (£29.95)! From Aristotle to Angelou, from Caesar to Columbus, answer facts about 120 amazing heroes as you travel through the ages, from the Egyptian pyramids to the Space Race. Move along the game board by guessing the correct History Hero and enjoy a battle of wits to win the best 5 History Hero cards.

Also from History Heroes, their award-winning range of card games (£9.99) are ideal stocking fillers, from famous explorers to British kings and queens. Guess the famous characters from their fact-packed cards: a fun way of discovering the men, women and children, who have shaped history. With thirteen different packs to choose from and 40 heroes in each pack, they are great for learning and testing your knowledge of famous people in history from King Alfred the Great to Elizabeth II, Galileo to Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale to Rosa Parks.

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