Going on a vacation on your own is easier than when you are going out with your family. Admit it. With all the things to consider, you might have even thought of not going at all. Going on a vacation with the family is even harder when you have kids with you. All the running around, kid fights, and the mess, you wish you didn’t plan the trip in the first place.

This is where we at canaryislandsinfo.co.uk  come in to help solve your problem and give you a list of family-friendly hotels to help you plan your vacation.

Ritz Carlton Abama (Tenerife)

One of the most famous hotels in Tenerife Island, the luxurious hotel will take you and your family to the best vacation of your lives with all the things that they offer. Great for kids, the hotel has partnered with Jean Michel Cousteau’s team in creating the Kid’s Club where children are given workshops. The hotel features a spa, a gym, a golf course, a secluded beach and ten restaurants to satisfy your appetite.


Sheraton La Caleta (Tenerife)

Having three swimming pools and an 18,000 square meter of a year-round garden in bloom, the hotel offers a wide area for you and your kids to run around in. For your little one’s accommodation, the place even has a Guanchito club which is equipped with a mini-soccer, table activity area, swings, and wall-climbing. Enjoy your stay thoroughly at the hotel with its water activities such as parasailing, banana rides, pedal boats, water skiing and even an underwater scooter experience.


Lopesan Baobab (Gran Canaria)

When you visit Gran Canaria, be sure to check Lopesan Baobab. The five-star hotel has seven swimming pools, tennis, water polo, ping-pong and diving school which can keep your kids busy for as long as seven days. Having an African theme, your kids will surely love their stay. What with all the safari animals placed on the tropical grounds, add to that the African dance classes and drumming lessons, this place is definitely among the must book hotels.


Finca Arrieta (Lanzarote)

Among other hotels, the Finca Arrieta is a unique place to stay in. This hotel offers you and your family the chance to sleep, eat and bathe in the open air. What better place than to let your kids experience sleeping under the stars in a spacious king-sized bed when you book the Yurt Royal. All things are solar powered in this hotel while most of the water comes from the on-site well.


Origo Mare (Fuerteventura)

With over 120 hectares coverage, Origo Mare is the hotel of your dreams. Each villa has its full kitchen, private garden, and a terrace. The place features a tennis court, sports bar, supermarket, beauty salon and a bakery. If you think these are all wow, prepare to be blown away with the hotel’s top attractions which include an extensive bike path network for bikers, a cooking show at a buffet restaurant and the best part is the 5000 square meter water park with a wave pool, water tree, and a towering slide. Now, what can be better than all that?