As the summer heat rolls in, parents are on the lookout for ways to keep their little ones entertained and safe, especially during bath time or in the paddling pool. Infantino, a brand known for its 24/7 support for parents, has introduced a delightful range of bath toys designed to make every splash an adventure. From sensory-stimulating toys to practical bath essentials, Infantino ensures that bath time is both fun and beneficial for children’s development.

Light Up Octopus Ring Catcher

The newest addition to Infantino’s lineup is the Light Up Octopus Ring Catcher, a toy that’s sure to captivate and engage your little one. This charming octopus not only lights up when it hits the water, creating a mesmerizing light show, but also doubles as a fun ring-toss game. Designed to enhance gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, children will love trying to land the rings on the octopus’s tentacles. As your child grows, this toy can transition from bath time fun to lawn play, making it a versatile addition to your toy collection.


Bath time becomes an exciting adventure with the Tub-A-Penguin. This adorable penguin sticks to most bath tiles and tubs with its stick-and-stay suction cup, allowing children to explore and play without the toy slipping away. The included water scooper lets kids pour water into the penguin, setting off a delightful cascade from its beak that spins the yellow bowtie and cogs. This activity supports fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive development, all while providing endless entertainment.

Glowing Jelly Light

Next up is the Glowing Jelly Light, an enchanting toy that floats and bobs along the water with multi-textured tentacles. When it meets the water, the jellyfish lights up, creating an engaging sensory experience that will fascinate babies. The glowing body and tactile tentacles provide visual and sensory stimulation, making bath time a joyful experience for your little one.

Right Temp Light Up Otter

Ensuring that your baby’s bath water is at the perfect temperature has never been easier with the Right Temp Light Up Otter. This cute otter thermometer lights up in different colors to indicate water temperature: red for too hot, blue for too cold, and green for just right. Beyond its practical use, the otter also serves as a playful bath toy, giving parents peace of mind and children a new friend to splash around with.

2-in-1 Bathmat and Storage Mat

Keeping the bathroom organized and safe, Infantino introduces the 2-in-1 Bathmat and Storage Mat. This multi-functional product acts as a slip-resistant bathmat with super suction cups to prevent sliding. After bath time, it transforms into a convenient storage basket for toys. Simply fold and suction it to the side of the tub to keep toys neat, tidy, and drip-dry.

Infantino’s range of bath toys not only offers great value for money but also ensures high quality and functionality. These toys provide hours of safe, engaging fun, turning bath time into a highlight of the day.

Product Listings

  • Glowing Jellyfish Bath Toy | RRP: £4.99 | Stockist: Amazon
  • Octopus Light Up Ring Catcher | RRP: £13.99 | Stockist: Amazon
  • 2-in-1 Bathmat and Storage Basket | RRP: £15.04 | Stockist: Amazon
  • Light Up Otter Thermometer | RRP: £11.00 | Stockist: Vertbaudet UK
  • Tub-A-Penguin | RRP: £13.00 | Stockist: Argos

With Infantino’s new bath toys, this summer promises to be a splashin’ great time for your little ones, ensuring they are entertained, safe, and happy.