Just a few years ago Pure’s founders, and childhood friends, Dan and Mat wanted to manufacture pet food that was the best possible diet option. After all why should our pets be exempt from getting a varied, high quality diet just like we do? Their researched showed many of the wet and dry dog food available on the market, it was high-processed food and contained low quality ingredients.

Quite a few new commercial pet food producers, now claim that their foods are as close as you can get to feeding raw or home-cooking without the fuss. Pure might actually be one that’s fulfils that promise.

Pure is one of only two British, dehydrated, complete dog foods on the market. This avoids the harsh processing and high temperatures involved in the manufacture of most wet and dry pet foods. You do need a bit of home-preparing, re-constituted with water (3ml water for every gram of food) before being fed.

Chicken delicious (I haven’t tried it that’s its name) contains around 45% very high quality meat, liver and egg.  Plus nutritious vegetables and fruits:  carrot, parsnip, green beans, apple, potatoes and cabbage.

Customers report their dogs’ digestion and weight improves, appetite and energy increases, healthier skin and coat, healthier weight. Convenient alternatives to home-cooking or raw and fairly affordable to boot. Our dogs all love it including 2 fussy whippets! PurePetFood.com.

The Yorkshire-based company has a range of tasty, nutritious, PETA approved and human-tested meals and treats that are perfect for even the fussiest dogs.

PurePetFood.com have a £59.99 (was £99.99) variety starter pack which provides 66 meals based on a 10kg adult dog feeding twice daily – working out at around 90p per meal. The delicious recipes they’ll love include:

  • Chicken & Coconut Oil
  • Duck, Apple & Coconut Oil
  • Superfood Boost
  • Chicken Dinner
  • Duck Delight
  • Turkey Terrific

Toppings include: Duck, Apple and Coconut Oil (£5.99 – 85g), Freeze Dried Fish (£3.99 – 35g), Chicken and Coconut Oil (£4.99 – 85g), Chicken and Veg Superfood Boost (£5.99 – 150g).