Five tips and tricks from Vital Baby to help your family with baby hygiene

Vital Baby we have everything you need to keep your family healthy. From sanitising dropped dummies on the go, to keeping your home smelling fresh and avoiding nappy smells, everything you need is available on


Every parent’s worst nightmare is being out and about with your little one and them dropping their soother on the dirty floor. Vital Baby’s NURTURE advanced pro UV mini steriliser RRP £24.99 saves the day – simply pop the dropped dummy in the on-the-go steriliser, and 49 seconds later, 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and mould are killed without the use of chemicals, water, heat or steam. Best of all, it attaches to your buggy.


Whether you’re weaning, playing or doing arts and crafts, kids getting messy is unavoidable. Vital Baby’s HYGIENE biodegradable super soft hand & face wipes RRP £1.99 are a must have to keep on hand! Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and fragrance free, they’re suitable to be used on baby’s skin and are especially helpful for cleaning up quickly when out and about.


The heat, chemical, water and steam free way to sterilise almost anything! Vital Baby’s NURTURE advanced pro UV steriliser and dryer RRP £129.99 kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs in record time. Versatile, practical and super-fast, it can be used with a wide variety of items, including bottles, teats, soothers, toys, breast pumps, mobile phones, keys, cosmetic brushes and more…


Keep your baby’s nursery, and your home, smelling fresh and clean whilst still having the convenience of using a nappy bin with Vital Baby’s HYGIENE odour-trap™ nappy disposal system RRP £49.99. The unique and patented seal prevents any bad aromas, germs and bacteria from escaping, offering unbeatable odour protection without the use of expensive cartridge refills – use any bag, even biodegradable ones.


There’s no need to constantly worry about germs and bacteria when you have Vital Baby’s HYGIENE AQUAINT sanitising water RRP £4.99 500ml. Suitable for use from birth, HYGIENE AQUAINT®  sanitising water is a revolutionary 100% natural, alcohol, chemical, salt and paraben-free cleansing water that kills 99.9% of bacteria in seconds. Simply spray onto any surface – no need to rinse or wipe. AQUAINT® sanitising water has been dermatologically tested to be gentle on skin and is also approved by Allergy UK as an allergy friendly product.