SmartGames, the worldwide leader in multi-level logic games, is delighted to present its latest 1 player puzzle game. Introducing Gnome Sweet Gnome, a charming new preschool puzzle game with 48 challenges to keep players amused for hours!

Great from 3+ years and ideal for garden lovers, Gnome Sweet Gnome is a game that tests players deduction! Three cheeky gnomes have mysteriously appeared and have set up their home in the garden… To solve the puzzle, players must use their concentration to work out where they are hiding!

 Simply choose a challenge from the booklet included and replicate the picture clues to reunite the  gnomes with home sweet home! But beware these gnomes have different heights and only the correct place will do – They must be reunited to the correct flowerpot residence to find home.

 Playing Gnome Sweet Gnome stimulates key logic and deduction skills. Cultivate little ones problem solving skills by stacking, counting, hiding and playing with these legendary little creatures. With multiple levels of fun that get progressively more difficult, the game starts from easy to hard. Players may work at their own pace to solve each level, as these guardians of treasure get more and more demanding!

 For fun indoors or in the garden, little green fingers will love hanging out with the gnomies. Beautifully crafted in wood, this game involves some dexterity and real thinking as the game progresses. A truly wonderful addition to any toybox – providing hours of fun