Hospital-grade performance kits with extra parts because we know how it is!

 Being a mother and a new mum, is one of the most gratifying things in life – but it does come with challenges that can make your life burdensome within such a short period of time.

A breast pump can help this become a much easier experience; whether you need to diminish soreness discomfort caused by engorgement, or you may want to share the feeding responsibilities with your partner.

With thanks to award-winning breastfeeding brand, Pippeta, their aim is the make it possible to pump on the go. With a wide range of breastfeeding equipment available, Pippeta make the journey of pumping much easier!

Pippeta Compact LED | Handsfree Breast Pump | 2 Pumps  RRP – £182.99

Pippeta ‘Compact’ pump makes it possible to pump on the go. Being small and lightweight, this pump can be worn in your nursing bra, with no tubes or wires – it’s truly hands free!

Designed with mum in mind, a soft silicone curved cup is the perfect fit around your breast, including a massage setting and a range of pumping levels. Simply remove the cup from the pump motor and empty into your baby bottles or freezing bags. This is the perfect pump for those power pumping sessions!

Pippeta LED Hands Free Wearable Breast Pump Bundle – RRP – £105.50 – bundle worth over £115!

The ultimate breastfeeding bundle for new mums. Worth over £115, new parents can expect to receive:

1 x Wearable Hands Free Breast Pump, 1 x Manual Milk Collector, 1 x Milk Storage Bottles & teats | Box of 4 and 2 x Box Milk Bags. (Also available in the colour sea salt).

Pippeta Silver Nip Cups – from £25.99

Pippeta’s Nip Cups are silver nipple covers for breastfeeding mothers. With added benefits to the natural healing, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties of silver, they prevent sore cracked nipples and, if already present, aid healing. These small but effective cups will soon become your breastfeeding best friend!

Nip Cups are available in two materials (100% sterling silver and Trilaminate silver) and are anatomically shaped, perfectly discreet underneath clothing and specially moulded to fit every breast shape.

They can be used as well for future pregnancies, for your wellbeing and that of the environment. We had a reviewer try these out she thought they were a godsend to breast feeding mums. No more sore nipples “I can look forward to feed my baby again”, thank you!

Breast Milk Storage Bags | 30 Pack – RRP – £4.99

Breast milk storage bags are the best way to preserve and store your milk. After all, they are created for that express purpose.

Best of all, they’re easy to use. Simply transfer your pumped milk to the breast milk bag. Seal the bag and write the date and time on the bag before storing it in the fridge or freezer. Pipetta’s breast milk storage bags are leak-proof, pre-sterilised, BPA free and can fill up to 200ml of breast milk.