Seven years old child feeling bad - suffers from motion sickness

With summer travelling plans still hanging in the balance, a staycation is looking like a solid alternative to the usual escape from the country. In fact, more than two thirds (68%) have not booked a holiday this year, with most giving up hope of going abroad until 2022.*

Making the most of the English countryside and coastal regions seems like the most promising plan, however the longer road trips are daunting for those that suffer with motion sickness. One in three* people get travel sickness at some point in their lives, prompting sunshade manufacturers Car Shades to search for trending alternative hacks that can prevent the illness.

On TikTok, #carsickness videos so far have 2.7 million views, leading Car Shades to filter through them and find the ten quirkiest and perhaps untouched methods to try.

Each unlikely method has been backed up with medical advice from Abbas Kanani, pharmacist at Chemist Click:

A parent covering her face, exhausted from taking care of her baby. Resting in the car.
  1. Eating mints – Abbas Kanani explains “eating mints or chewing gum can act as a distraction from sickness, without being something that is too heavy to eat.”
  2. Eating Calippos – One of the most commonly found car sickness hacks on TikTok, Abbas also advises “sipping on something cold and sugary can help reduce nausea.”
  3. Sniff a peppermint oil-soaked cotton pad – “Peppermint oil is a great option as it can help to relax and create a soothing atmosphere.”
  4. Squeeze a stress ball – “Keeping yourself occupied with an activity such as squeezing a stress ball will distract your mind from thinking about the sickness” says Abbas.
  5. Wear something tight on your wrist – “Wearing a tight bracelet can add pressure which relieves nausea.”
  6. Don’t look at any screens – Abbas adds “avoid reading books or watching devises as this can throw your sense out of sync and make things worse.”
  7. Drink lots of water – “Hydration is key when feeling sick, ensure you drink lots of water throughout the journey and before it.”
  8. Sit in the front seat – “Facing the direction that you are travelling in can also help to reduce the motion. If you are of age and start to feel sick, sit in the front seat and focus on a fixed point in the distance.”
  9. Sleep at the start of the journey – “If you are asleep, you are unlikely to experience symptoms associated with motion sickness. However, it can be difficult to sleep whilst you have the symptoms, so try to do it at the start of the journey.” Try a set of Car Shades to reduce the sunlight coming into the car by 72%, giving a better chance of staying asleep.
  10. Eat something lemon flavoured – Abbas concludes, “the sourness of lemon-flavoured food ignites the senses and distracts from motion sickness, the sugar also helps with nausea.”

Steve Giles, managing director at Car Shades, commented: “Millions of us experience motion sickness, which can be an extremely unpleasant thing when travelling long distances. The idea of a holiday is to relax, and we hope that the TikTok hacks we’ve found might inspire people to try something new before and during their next journey.

“Our aim is to help create a pleasant driving experience, and with so many opting for a staycation this year, we’re delighted to help people as much as we can.”