In 1988 remnants of a Viking Age fortress were found at the highest point in Trelleborg city, solving the riddle of the city’s name, this type of Viking ring fortress was called “trelleborg” in Denmark.  The word “trelle” refers to the slanted timber staves that supported the palisade and the word “borg” is the Swedish word for fortress.

The Viking Fortress has been partly reconstructed using tradition craftsmanship. Its location now is in the centre of the city which has grown around this ancient fortress. They have events throughout the year with enactments like “Battle of Trelleborgen”

Along with Lund, Helsingborg, Ahus and Kristianstad, Trelleborg is one of the oldest cities in Skane, southernmost town in Sweden. The fortress is thought to have been built in the 980s, possible ordered by King Harald Bluetooth, then king of Denmark, with its strategic location at the highest point of the town along the coast, was part of his line of defence?


 Trelleborg Fortress has a museum with a historical exhibition, shop, café and farm with a longhouse, pit houses and a garden. Families can enjoy this location with plenty of space to run around and discover Viking life in the farm.

Photos copyright Regina D. Utyasheva

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