Combines the purity of water with the natural herbal cleansing power of Soapberry – specifically created for growing babies and tougher messes. We have tried these and they are lovely and gentle.

WaterWipes with Soapberry is the brand new wipe from the world’s purest baby wipes, WaterWipes.  Designed for growing babies and made with 99.9% water, plus a drop of fruit and Soapberry extract, they provide the same purity parents rely on from WaterWipes while harnessing the natural cleaning properties of Soapberry. This makes them the perfect wipe to gently cleanse the hands, faces and bottoms of growing babies who are starting to try new foods and experience the world around them for the first time.

As babies start to grow and discover the vibrant (and often messy!) world around them, parents need to have the confidence to let them explore. WaterWipes with Soapberry offers parents the peace of mind to do just that – combining the purity of water, with the natural cleansing power of a herbal extract – WaterWipes with Soapberry are tough on mess but kind on baby’s delicate skin, so you can clean and care without having to compromise.

So whether your baby is trying spaghetti with tomato sauce for the first time – and more ends up on their face than in their mouth, or if they’re perfecting their crawl in a muddy garden – new WaterWipes with Soapberry have those exciting “first” messy moments covered.

WaterWipes believe that there is never a good time to start putting chemicals on your baby’s skin – no matter how messy your little one gets as they start exploring. That’s why soapberries (Sapindus trifoliatus) – a tree fruit that contains saponin which acts as a natural and gentle cleanser with skin conditioning properties was chosen for this new launch. Unlike soap, they do not have a drying effect on the skin with repeated use and are non-irritant. WaterWipes with Soapberry contains no soap, SLS or parabens and have been accredited by Allergy UK.

Edward McCloskey, CEO and Creator of WaterWipes, said – “WaterWipes with Soapberry is the next step for parents in their baby’s journey of growth and exploration. We have created the kindest and most naturally effective wipe for growing babies and their parents to inspire self-belief through the honesty of our product. Parenting is a process of letting go and we wanted to help parents to trust themselves to let their baby grow with the help of WaterWipes with Soapberry.”

WaterWipes was originally created by a father whose newborn daughter suffered with sensitive skin and severe nappy rash – in response to this, he set about creating a pure and safe offering for parents, and so WaterWipes were born.

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WaterWipes are available in all major UK retailers.