Wet wipes: as essential to parenting as oxygen is to life… ok well maybe not! As parents, we can go through a whole lot of wipes. Nappy changing, wiping hands, wiping surfaces, perhaps even taking your make up off (if you’ve had time to put any on that day of course). Aside from the basics, wet wipes also have a multitude of uses, some of which are quite extraordinary. Here at Aqua Wipes, we thought we’d bring you some of our favourites.

Here is Aqua Wipes’ Top 10 ‘alternative’ uses for wet wipes:

  1. Cleaning your plants

Not just for cleaning sticky fingers, wet wipes are also perfect for keeping your plants pristine. Gently wipe each leaf with an Aqua Wipe, which is made from 99% purified water with an organic Aloe Vera extract, and they will be healthy and dust free.

  1. The festival ‘shower’

Festivals are big news in the UK and if you are camping too, wet wipes will keep you fresh for the duration of the event. (No more details needed).

  1. Keeping you cool during summer

It may be too late for this year, but take note: during the next heat wave, keep a packet of wet wipes in the fridge. When it all gets a little too much, pull out an ice cold wipe to mop your brow or place one on your pressure points (wrists and ankles) for a complete body cool down.

  1. Getting rid of excess hair dye stains

We’ve all been there: touching up our roots at home in between salon visits, only to be left with a thick brown (or red?) line on our forehead.  And no amount of rubbing with a towel will get rid of it. Fear not! Simply pull out your handy pack of Aqua Wipes, the new fully biodegradable baby wipes created to be kind to the environment AND baby’s skin, then massage the dye away.

  1. Cleaning your pets

Keep your fur babies groomed and your house fur-free with wet wipes. Clean muddy paws and wipe down furniture or floors to keep them pet hair free.

  1. Clean Surfaces

Don’t panic if you see a sticky hand print on your new high gloss cupboards, or there’s runny honey on your kitchen counter; simply reach for a wet wipe and give your surfaces the once over. Wet wipes are not only great for cleaning a messy baby’s bottom; they’re excellent for household surfaces too!

  1. Shine your shoes

Leather shoes (or even jackets) can be given a quick clean using wet wipes to make them look like new again. They work wonders on white trainers too!

  1. Clean car interiors

Keep a pack of wet wipes in your car – they’re great for removing dirt and picking up dust or fluff, which can quickly easily build up on your car’s dashboard. Plus, because they don’t contain harmful chemicals, Aqua Wipes will not damage the materials in your vehicle.

  1. Clean your keyboard

Take wet wipes to work. Keyboards are full of bacteria (some reports say they are dirtier than toilets – yuk!). Give your keyboard a daily clean with a wet wipe to make sure it stays above average in cleanliness!

  1. Removing deodorant from clothes

Deodorant might keep you smelling fresh, but its stain on your clothes is not a good look. So, if you’ve just put on a freshly-washed black strappy top, only to find that it now has white stripy marks down the side left by your recently applied deodorant, never fear – our water wipes are here.  Simply reach for your pack of Aqua Wipes as wet wipes are great for removing fresh deodorant marks from clothes – who knew!?

Aqua Wipes contain no plastic-based materials and are used by special care baby units, neonatal and maternity departments across the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and registered with the Vegan Society, Aqua Wipes are created with the environment in mind, while caring for even the most delicate new-born skin – plus so much more!

Packs are now available to buy from the Aqua Wipes Amazon webstore at https://www.amazon.co.uk/natureninetynine or from Ocado www.ocado.com/aquawipes