This Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic quote is from, Alice in Wonderland, which turns 150 this year. I’d like to alter the quote from Breakfast to Tea as St James’ Court, A Taj Hotel  launches its new Alice in Wonderland Afternoon Tea.


For 150 years Alice has both delighted and puzzled us. From the fall down the rabbit hole to taking tea with the Mad Hatter, like the Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland makes us all grin. Well, St James’ Court, A Taj Hotel will allow you to indulge in just that fantasy in a hidden gem in the heart of the capital. Their Courtyard is the magical setting of Wonderland, with majestic turrets and turn-of-the-last century red brick frieze, depicting scenes from Shakespeare’s Sylvan plays. On good weather days, spoil your party under the watchful eye of the cherub Victorian fountain. Inclement weather also provided for.

Your guests will immediately get lost in this whimsical world with a wacky eclectic table setting, from colourful fine bone china to shiny bourbles and Alice props!


In this unique setting you’ll get to eat wonderful delicacies. Just like the fairy tale, from 17th August, guests will be treated to a zany, Mad Hatter outstanding menu, featuring ‘Queen of Hearts’ mango tarts, ‘drink me’ strawberry potions & juices, white chocolate mousse teacups and inspired pocket watch macaroons. You will also have the freshest finger sandwiches with cucumber and cream cheese fillings to beetroot bread. You will not be disappointed by the overwhelming choice of tea. I tried White Wing Oolong Tea, which was simply delicious.


This extraordinary afternoon tea celebrates the publishing of a limited bespoke edition of ‘Alice’s Adventures, in Wonderland’, the first of several books in the hotel’s English Classics, Reinvented series. Ethan McClean has created a hypnotic cover illustration, an abstract optical illusion symbolising Alice’s fall into Wonderland.


I hope the photos do justice to this nonsensical and magical world of Taj Wonderland! The ambience, food and waiting staff are simply the best /finest / loveliest!


The Alice in Wonderland Tea is available at £30 per person. A hardback limited edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is available at an added price of £12. This is all part of  Kids@Taj programme see more