Drayton Manor Hotel’s younger visitors have been shaking up the drinks menu, by creating a range of child friendly mocktails.

 The new menu includes six drinks, made of fresh fruit juice blends such as the ‘Orangatang’ for troublesome monkeys, which is a fruity mix of orange and grenadine with soda served over crushed ice. However, little princesses are not left out as they can sip a ‘Cinderella’, a delightful mix of pineapple and orange juice with grenadine.

The creations have all been designed and perfected by the children of the hotel’s head bartender, so they’re guaranteed to appeal to the most demanding of tiny guests and tickle the taste buds.

Michael Simpson-Pratt, head bartender at Drayton Manor Hotel, said: “When my son, Brae, visited the hotel, he was fascinated when he saw me mixing cocktails for guests and immediately said he wanted to make one.”

Brae, aged eight, the designer of the creations, said: “I loved making the new drinks. It was so much fun mixing different juices together and then shaking them, to see what tasted best. My favourite is Apple Dapple.”

Julia Freeman, sales and marketing manager at Drayton Manor Hotel, said: “We’re a family hotel and it is important that children have a great time too.

“This is a lovely and simple idea that makes a child’s visit memorable and we’re sure it is going to be very successful.”

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