anker soundcore

Anker Soundcore mini soundbar…cutting edge technology

anker soundcoreAnker has a great reputation for super engineering electronic items. The Anker Soundcore Infin Mini soundbar continues the trend. At the time of review, they are also bringing out other similar items. They do not stand still.

This item does not take up much space, yet can fill the room with sound.

Anker Soundcore Infini Mini Soundbar , 2.0 Channel, 21-Inch, Bluetooth Audio, Optical Input for TV, Music & Movie Sound Modes, Local & Remote Controls, for Living Room, Bedroom, and more.

It improves the sound of other devices. Set in front of a TV, and after some settings, it gives greater control over the quality of sound in the room. It can also be set up with a TV remote, so it is not a case of yet another one to lose. It can be tied in with stereos, and had Bluetooth capability.

We set it up quite easily, and we were fascinated the way the TV remote could control it. Student use is obvious, and smaller size attractive for their use.