B-CALM Oral Spray is designed to support your body in dealing with stress on all levels

With increasing pressure for children to get into their local school and rising University tuition fees with less option for retakes, thousands of teenagers will be battling to deal with exam stress this summer and for many, this could trigger mental health problems.

Noticing a few jitters or nerves before an exam is a normal and healthy experience for most people. However, for those whose anxiety takes over, the feelings can be overwhelming and spiral out of control.

Dr Sharie Coombes, leading child psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, provides the following top tips to help children keep their anxiety in check and get through the exam season without stress getting the better of them. B-Calm, oral vitamin spray, also provides a quick burst of B vitamins and herbs to induce relaxation and calm when the pressure becomes too much, helping students to stay on top of their nerves.

Stress-busting tips – B-CALM:

Breathe intentionally – finding an effective breathing pattern can transform the chemical balance of stress hormones and reduce levels of adrenaline and cortisol in the body which cause the feelings that we instantly recognise as nervousness or anxiety. Try 7:11 breathing to bring back control – breathe in for a count of 7 (at your preferred speed) and then out for a count of 11 and keep this going. In just a couple of minutes, the nerves will fade.

Concentrate on relaxing – doing something enjoyable in between studying sessions will make a real difference. A 30 minute rest every now and then will keep you from burning out.

Accept the nervous feelings – without judging them or yourself. Notice the feelings, accept them, know they will pass with these techniques and you will stay in control.

Listen to your mind and body – taking regular breaks when preparing for exams is crucial. Be sure to eat well and drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep, remembering that the brain continues to file and link learning during sleep making it easier to recall the information you need in the exam.

Move to a safe space in your mind – learning and practising this technique in advance will ensure that it is readily available to you whenever you need it, even if that is in the exam room or on your way into it. Think of a place where you feel very safe. See yourself in this place looking and feeling as calm as you could ever be. Enjoy this for a minute or up to 3

B-CALM Oral Spray contains a unique combination of Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and B12 as well as Vitamin C and herbs, including Echinacea, Feverfew, Ginkgo, Passionflower, and Valerin. These natural ingredients help to regulate these biochemical bodily functions to reduce stress as well as the associated anxiety and depression and induce a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps to maintain and maximise the digestive system, skin and nerves, and B12 (cobalamin) is also needed for a healthy nervous system. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), often referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin,” is critical to the manufacture of stress-related hormones produced in the adrenal glands . Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) has a positive influence on the production of the brain chemical serotonin which helps to alter mood and a persons’ ability to cope with stress.

B-CALM Oral Spray also contains Vitamin C which helps to reduce the effects of chronic stress by inhibiting the release of stress hormones, boosting the immune system.

With its unique combination of ingredients, B-CALM Oral Spray is designed to support your body in dealing with stress on all levels, including physical, chemical, and emotional stress. Each lightweight tube 240 sprays providing accuracy and consistency of dosage in every burst and each tube provides at least a months’ supply.

B-Calm Spray (GBP16.00) is available in the UK from www.loveursoul.co.uk, a holistic health and well-being site, with details of nationwide therapists (including hypnotherapists to help relaxation) as well as information, products and tools to keep families fit and well in body and mind.

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