Continuing listing books in Parents News Books section, we now look at some new releases from Carlton Books.

CarltonICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Kids’ Handbook 
By Clive Gifford Paperback | £6.99 | Published: April 2019  Age: 7+

This Carlton handbook is a perfect tournament companion for one-day cricket fans.

Lots of information about the hosts, England and Wales, plus the grounds, teams profiles, superstar players, Cricket World Cup facts.

Also stats and record breakers, as well as loads of games, quizzes and puzzles and a fill-in progress chart to complete along the way.


FIFA Women’s World Cup France Kids’ Handbook Carlton
By Emily Stead Paperback | £6.99 | Published: April 2019 Age: 6+

Another Carlton handbook  companion for younger football fans. It has lots of information about the host country, France, plus the stadiums, top teams, superstar players, FIFA Women’s World Cup facts and stats.

The book has puzzles, quizzes, and games, making it a brilliant book for reluctant readers, with bite-sized text and all-action photos.

A progress chart lets young fans record match results as the tournament progresses. It is a a great personalized souvenir of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019.

The Ultimate Bike BookCarlton
By Moira Butterfield Paperback | £6.99 | Published: April 2019 Age: 7+

This Carlton book is the best companion for bike-crazy kids, with cycling tips, tricks, facts and history.

It has profiles of top cyclists to provide inspiration. Want to fix a puncture, learn about mountain-biking or find out what to look for when buying your next bike? Fill in your cycling logbook section to record personal cycling achievements, plus a quiz and a cycling game.


The Dragons Creativity Bookcarlton
By Andrea Pinnington Wiro Paperback | £9.99 | Published: April 2019 Age: 6+

Make a knight’s sword, decorate some dragon eggs and create a potion to make dragons friendly.

There are two pages of stickers, dragon-model pieces, and pull-out decorated “dragon scale” art paper. The Dragons Creativity Book has great ideas for brilliant craft projects, colouring tricks and puzzles.