drug driving

Drug-driving and prescription medication

Drug driving is an offence that can result in loss of licence and financial penalties, including points on your driving licence. We all know that taking illicit drugs and driving is illegal, but did you know that driving whilst taking prescribed drugs can also be illegal?

Over the Counter Medicines Can land you with a DG10 Conviction

Many medicines that are prescribed can cause impairment to your motor skills and thus your driving ability. In addition, some medicines that you can buy over the counter will also impair your ability to drive. It is important to read and heed any warnings contained on the containers of any medication, prescribed or otherwise.

How Serious is Drug Driving?

drug drivingAccording to the Durham Police :

As many as 18 percent of drivers accidents involved illicit drugs.
22 percent of passengers involved in road deaths have illicit drugs in their bodies.

What is the penalties for driving with drugs

Driving under the influence of prescribed or illicit drugs carries the same penalties as drink driving, Expect a fine of £5,000 or above or time in prison. If you are involved in a fatal accident, then you could be facing a 2-year ban and 14 years in jail. Excuse the pun, but it is a sobering thought that driving whilst taking prescription drugs could have such serious consequences.

Aside from the very serious legal results if found driving under the influence of drugs, finding an insurance company to provide you with drinking insurance will be difficult. When you do find one, the cost of DG10 insurance policy will be much higher than a standard car insurance policy.

Is Drug Driving as Serious as Drink Driving?

Driving under the influence of drugs or drink are both equally dangerous and both against the law. Spokesperson for InsuranceQuotesNI providers of car insurance in Northern Ireland, stated “that some drivers may find it difficult to get insurance after being convicted of any serious driving offence in both the UK and Northern Ireland..”

Spread Awareness of the dangers of medication

If you know someone who is taking medication and drives, then it is your social responsibility to educate them and prevent them from doing so if the medication will impair their driving. With the abundance of private hire companies, it is easy to use these services for the period of time that you are on any medication that would impair your driving skills.