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What Happens if You Come Across a Drunk Driver on the Road?

drink and driveThere are hundreds of thousands of drivers on the road. Some drunk drivers. When you are driving, it is vital that you remain vigilant and careful during your journey, however, we don’t tend to think about the amount of trust that we put in other drivers. Unfortunately, road accidents are common, some can be fatal. A big concern is drivers under the influence of alcohol. It is important to look out for drunk drivers, as they are putting others at extremely high risk. If you come across a drunk driver, here is what could happen.

Getting in an Accident

Getting into an accident with a drunk driver can be stressful, complicated and even fatal. Even if you are lucky enough to avoid serious injuries or complications, your car could be seriously damaged from the accident.

That’s why it is so important to report drunk drivers, because if you can identify and report a drunk driver then you could prevent an accident and even fatalities.

Signs of a Drunk Driver

Know the signs of an intoxicated driver and remain wary of them. Some of the common signs include tailgating, careless and hazardous lane switching, random spouts of acceleration and deceleration, erratic breaking, stopping for no apparent reason, and driving significantly slower than the speed limit. Many drunk drivers will fail to use their indicators or turn their headlights on in the dark.

What You Should Do

If you come across a suspected drunk driver, take action. Report them to the police. You should not try to stop the driver or take any other form of action against the motorist. This could increase both of your risks of injury and the behaviour of the driver may be unpredictable. If you want to monitor the driver until the authorities arrive,do so from a distance and drive cautiously while you follow them.

Drink driving isn’t smart or clever. If someone is caught driving while under the influence they could face a criminal record, and the cost of their subsequent drink driving insurance policies will be much higher than a standard car insurance policy. More importantly though, drink driving can lead to life-changing and heart-breaking incidents that could devastate a family. If you know someone who drink drives, then you should do everything in your power to educate them and stop them from doing so. It is much easier to call a taxi home or find a lift, than it is to deal with a hefty fine, driving ban or prison sentence if you are caught drink driving.