The RoboVac 11S is the slimmest and quietest robotic vacuum cleaner in the market. At only 2.85″ tall, this little guy can fit Robo Vaccum with girl and dogunder practically anything. Powered with BoostIQ technology, the RoboVac 11S cleans smarter, scanning and mapping out the environment to adjust the suction power accordingly.

We tried one out and was amazed at how much dust and hair this little guy picks up, even after a major clean. Yes we use a Dyson vacuum cleaner upright to vacuum the house. With two small dogs and two cats, we know there is hair around so always keep on top of it. We tried this RoboVac eufy vacuum cleaner as an “extra” clean. Ok, we called it “Fido” as it quietly moves around the house, finding its own way to clean in some sort or random order. It avoids obstacles turning away from them. It negotiates doorways.

After a while it needs recharging and the vacuuming stops as it wheels itself “home” to its recharging station. We forgot about it sometimes and upon remembering found it recharging. It does get stuck from time to time under low sofas and one piece of funiture has an extended leg. Otherwise it goes its merry way. Important to empty it at recharge as it picks up so much.

We have rugs, carpets and hardwood floors which it negotaitaes well. Upstairs the vacuum cleaner covers all the broadloom and a sensor stops it falling down the stairs. The most common setting is “automatic”, but there is a remote control and options for spot cleaning, edge cleaning or single room. You can also make it turn with the remote.

Cleaning and Filters

It is well engineered and there are gathering vertical brushes as well as a beating horizontal one. There are filters which are probably very important to some families (allergies). They supply a handy tool for cleaning all these, especially the hair, cotton, etc wrapped around the horizontal brush. (Quite handy for the Dyson too). We were quite impressed with quality and performance.