The newly launched baby blanket by Their Future is the first of its kind, super soft-touch and uniquely designed to give your precious little one the ultimate protection, keeping them cosy and safe, while you have peace of mind. Our reviewer thought this was the softest baby blanket ever. Loved the fact that its ethically sourced. Thought that it was snuggly, cosy and breathable. Was very impressive about its antimicrobial abilities (kill or slow the spread of microorganisms) especially reassuring for a new mum. Thoroughly recommend.

Special technology used during the manufacturing process ensures that the blanket doesn’t release microfibres, and is created without the use of chemicals.

Their Future’s baby blanket has superior, permanent, antimicrobial properties, as the technology included in the fabric’s construction ensures that most envelope viruses are destroyed on contact.

The blanket doesn’t absorb moisture or any easily-made stains into the fabric, therefore preventing odours from developing. Any moisture is simply wicked away and dirt is easily released, allowing you to wash at lower temperatures.

Thanks to the innovative process adopted in its development it has a wonderfully sumptuous cotton-like soft touch, as well as being fully recyclable.

Available in a standard size (75cm x 100cm) and shape, the exceptionally unique blanket has been lovingly crafted with lightweight and breathable fabric, which ensures a gentle touch against baby’s delicate skin and is perfect for year-round use, even in those cooler Winter months. A natural stretch also makes it the perfect solution for swaddling and settling your young baby.

The blanket, which has been expertly created using a pioneering process using minimal water and aiming to minimise the impact on the environment, provides quality, cosiness, durability and protection, and with unparalleled recyclability. Once the blanket has reached the end of its working life, it can simply be returned for recycling where it can then be used to produce new yarn for new fabric.

In a plush ivory colour and with a simple, yet stylish design, the Their Future baby blanket perfectly complements any home or nursery and is a truly unmatched, must-have addition to any crib, cot or pram.

For each baby blanket sold, Their Future has pledged to donate one pound to Borne, helping the charity to fund ground-breaking research of the highest quality to advance knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, and improve the lives of mothers and their babies.

RRP: £39.99

For more information and to purchase, visit the Their Future website.