The newest and coolest gadget has arrived. The myFirst Fone R1 revolutionises the way children and parents embrace technology. The R1 allows children to play music, take photos and has a fitness tracker. It has 4G connectivity to allow parents and children to stay connected. By inserting a sim-card of your choice the myFirst R1 allows the myFirst Fone R1 and the parent’s smartphone to converse in real-time through voice and video calls and video call

You can control who your child communicates with as the The R1 is only contactable by authorised phone numbers, all of which are set by parents in the free myFirst Fone App. Parents receive notifications if your child crosses your designated safety zone which is set through the Geo Fencing Area Alert and one touch SOS is just a button away for your kids to send a distress signal to the parents. It is quick and easy to set up, whether you set it to alert you outside your garden, or if a child moves away from their normal school route. Parents will get notifications if the watch is taken off and at all times can see on their app where the watch is via GPS tracking.

The myFirst Fone R1 comes with MP3 player and built-in speaker that will play their favourite songs or audiobooks for up to 10 hours. The Fone is equipped with a pedometer which accurately captures steps taken allowing parents to see how active their child is. It encourages your child to build healthy habits by achieving daily step targets. The 2MP built in camera can also take sharp and vibrant photos to share with their loved ones. Meanwhile, the shake-to-make-friends feature is able to broaden the child’s interpersonal skills. When two or more myFirst Fone devices are nearby, kids can add their friends easily.

Parents can set times children can play with their smart watch and putting it into school mode, to stop them being distracted. The myFirst Fone R1 is splashproof and weighs just 53 grams.

 The myFirst Fone R1 costs £149.99