Decathlon’s excellent range of sporting goods and equipment is suitable for every age and ability, which means that no child will be stuck doing nothing during the holidays, and with great value prices parents don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on keeping their children entertained. These products from water sports, paddling pools to camping tents are manufactured and designed really well.

Snorkelling Mask

The Subea by Decathlon Easybreath 500 Snorkelling Mask – £24.99. This mask is ideal for the little ones who want to take up a new activity during the summer holidays. Designed for surface snorkelling for users of 10 years old and above, this next generation snorkelling mask allows users to discover the underwater world easily and comfortably with 180º panoramic field of vision and easy breathing function. Even better, little ones can enjoy snorkelling without getting their faces wet.

What’s more, the adjustable elasticated textile strap ensures it is comfortable to wear and prevents it from pulling on hair strands. Meanwhile, the air circulation function prevents fogging, allowing reefs and underwater treasures to be enjoyed with clear vision.

Paddling Pool

Nabaiji by Decathlon Tidipool and Paddling Pool – £19.99. An ideal outdoor accessory for one to six year olds who are wanting to discover the joys of water from the comfort of the garden.

What’s more, the compact design, shoulder strap and waterproof bag, are perfect for transporting it to different destinations during family holidays.

Wet Suit

The Subea by Decathlon 100 Kids Snorkelling Shorty – £12.99. This wet suit is a must for children who want to enjoy water-based activities this summer. Designed with accessibility and comfort in mind, the elasticity of this shorty suit provides freedom of movement, whilst the front zip allows for easy dressing, so that more time can be spent enjoying the water and less time in beach huts or changing rooms.

The thick neoprene fabric prevents water entering the suit to keep children warm and it is also tear resistant to prevent damage.

Backpack Quechua by Decathlon 20L Hiking Backpack- £19.99. Designed with comfort and accessibility in mind, the hiking backpack features ventilation with five pockets, perfect for carrying around those essentials when travelling with children, including extra water bottles, wet wipes, snacks and a first aid kit.

What’s more, the hiking bag is made with foam padding and straps making it extra comfortable to carry on long trips.

The bag also has a built-in rain cover which means there is no need to worry about belongings getting damaged or wet during typical British summers.

Outdoor Activity Accessories

Geologic by Decathlon Discovery Junior Kids Archery Bow – £11.99.  The perfect accessory for providing endless amounts of fun for older children this summer. This is designed with fun and safety in mind. The suction cup arrow is made from soft material to prevent injuries, while the arrow is incredibly easy to use, featuring a built-in arrow rest for users to steady their aim and an over moulded bow string to make it comfortable to hold.

The bow string is easy to mantle and dismantle, perfect for when the kids want to spend more time having fun.

Kipsta by Decathlon pop-up goal – £14.99. This is a must-have outdoor accessory when trying to keep the little one’s entertained. The innovative pop-up system means this is easy to open and close and parents and children alike can enjoy a game of football, anywhere and at any time.

The durable polyester material means the tent is suitable for all types of pitch, including tarmac and grass. Meanwhile, the side pockets offer handy storage and stability perfect for packing away those football essentials such as knee pads and socks.


Quechua by Decathlon 4.1 XL Family Camping Tent- £199.99. This is perfect for families who are looking to the outdoors for keeping their children entertained. Designed for four people, which is ideal for families who are looking for an easy tent to assemble and dismantle with the inflatable structure for their next outdoor holiday.


The spacious tent offers one large bedroom and a large stand-up living room. Whilst the lined roof above the living area enables ventilation limits condensation, reducing the heat during those hot summer nights.

What’s more the tent comes with a 2-year guarantee which gives users that extra peace of mind when it comes to their camping adventure.


B’Twin by Decathlon Mistigirl Kids Bike- £99.99. Designed for children of six to eight years old, this is the ideal bike for getting the children outdoors and active.

The five speed functions allows the user to choose a speed that is comfortable for them, perfect for when parents don’t want their child to be speeding off! Meanwhile, the V-Brakes provide powerful and easy braking, which allows children to feel in control, stable and comfortable when using the bike.

There is a lifetime warranty available on the frame, stem, handle bar and rigid fork, to provide extra reassurance.


Quechua by Decathlon 500 Children’s Hiking Sunglasses- £15.99. Make sure the children’s eyes are protected when they are enjoying the outdoors with these 100% protection from UV light hiking sunglasses.

These high protection sunglasses allows children to enjoy the outdoors from sunrise to sunset damage-free. Meanwhile, the polarised lens reduces glare from flat surfaces to create better visual comfort during the day. Perfect for when going on long walks in the outdoors with the family.

These are also equipped to be childproof, with the rubber temple tips make sure the glasses are held in place, whilst the flexible material of the glasses reduces the risk of breakage.

At £15.99 they are also great value for money!

Decathlon has 42 stores in the UK and sells a variety of sports equipment, clothing and accessories perfect for those want to get active or excel their performance.

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